In A Nutshell May 2024

Spring Tree Care Tips

As we welcome the warmer weather and longer days of May, it's the perfect time to focus on the health and beauty of your trees. Now is the ideal time to assess the condition of your trees and provide them with the care they need to thrive throughout the season. Consider scheduling a professional tree inspection to identify any potential issues and develop a maintenance plan. Our experienced arborists are ready to help with your tree trimming and pruning needs. Regular maintenance is essential for promoting healthy growth, improving aesthetics, and reducing the risk of storm damage. With unpredictable weather patterns in spring, it's crucial to prepare your trees for potential storms. We offer tree risk assessments to safeguard your trees and property.

Oak Wilt High Risk

Don’t wound, prune or fell oaks in counties affected by oak wilt during this period. Stearns County is affected by oak wilt. If wounds are unavoidable, cover them immediately with paint or shellac. In Minnesota, the risk of oak wilt is highest from April to July. Risk levels can fluctuate depending on the season and location. Before pruning or causing wounds to oaks, always check the oak wilt risk status for your specific date and area. When in doubt, give us a call to discuss your questions or concerns.